About Us

P.A.T.H. FINDERS is a family business, started by Tom & Marie Zahn in 1994. With the help of several skilled associates, we assist families to trace their roots throughout Central Europe.

While we are keenly aware of the extraordinary demands of these services, there is nothing impersonal about our approach to this work. In each case, we conduct research as though it is our own family history that we are tracing.

In all cases, the mission of P.A.T.H. FINDERS is first and foremost, to provide a bridge for you to travel back in time. We take great pride in the fact that we not only collect names and dates, but it is also our goal to thoroughly answer your questions, so that you will better understand the data.

The differences:

  • Our reports do not only contain cryptic names and dates. We add the remarks of our researcher's to help explain difficult historical facts and circumstances. This typically includes the orthography and definition of any archaic terms used in the original documents.
  • Our reports are reviewed three times for content, clarity and to insure compliance with the original request.
  • Considering that our findings often lead to more questions, we provide suggestions to help clients map an effective strategy for the most cost efficient use of our time. Furthermore, by working in small increments, we insure that our clients are regularly informed of the research progress, and part of the decisions concerning the process. 

PATHWAYS s.r.o. is our Czech affiliate, established to meet the travel needs of those visiting the region. As a Czech firm, PATHWAYS sr.o. provides clients with Reliable Transportation, Comfortable Lodging, Friendly Guided Day Trips outside the city, or Prague/Krakow/Vienna Tours that are Worry Free. Thus, you may relax and get the most from any research or leisure travel you endeavor.

Pathways mission is to look after the well being of our guests. In particular, to help those with a special family relationship to visit people or places close to their hearts. Whether you are looking for your roots, or just wish to explore independently, we can help you find the way.

The differences:

  • A Reunion should not only be a brief stop in a place where your ancestors once lived. In an effort to make each visit more of a homecoming, we offer basic research and/or local contacts before each visit, to insure that anyone remaining is prepared to welcome you.
  • Special care is taken in the selection of vehicles, drivers and interpreters for these events, so that you are assured a comfortable and relaxing journey, and that you should not miss a word (or a photo oportunity).
  • There is never a need to hurry on our account, since we understand that this may be a once in a lifetime experience. Our rates are structured to give you enough flexability of time so that you can stop and smell the roses.