Articles & Literature

The Articles is where we post the work of our associate family historians and other scholars.

This includes previously published and unpublished articles, annotations and translations of other larger pieces (including historical essays and biographies of noteworthy Czech, Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian emigrants). Occaisionally, there will also be a review of some particular useful resource that should help further the general understanding of contemporary genealogical research in these countries.

Under the heading "Travel" you will also find stories from the road, based on our own experience, as well as episodes submitted by our clients and friends to assist others with their travel planning.


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1.Annotations (Czech & English)

2.Arts & Literature

3.Book Reviews

  • Vaclav Havel - A Life by Michael Žantovsky - 2019-01-30
    Source: P.A.T.H. FINDERS Intl. Private Library


  • The Way From Home to Sea by Josef Polišensky - 2003-04-01
    Source: Translated from the original text by J.V. Polišensky “Obecné problemy dějin Českého vystěhovalctví do Americky 1848 – 1914. Úvod do Ameriky I” Prague, 1992, Chapter 1.



7.Folklore & Customs

  • National Costume of the Pilzen Region by Marie Zahn - 2007-12-30
    Source: From an article that was to be published in “The Great Book About National Costumes”, found in Novina from the 1930’s in Prague under the name “Šijeme kroje"

8.Historical Events

  • The Garden Party by Tomáš Biskup - 2003-12-09
    Source: Telgrams, transcription of Voska's phone call, lists and secondary materials are stored in: Archive of the Presidential Office - administration of president's household Receprions with the president TGM 3.7.1928 and i. Number 721 i. number 721 Trips of American Czechs and Slovaks to ČSR (GP 3.7. 1928), sign. D 8362/32


10.List - Names & Places

11.People & Places


13.Thoughts & Reflections

14.Transliteration & Transcription