Contact Us

The best way to contact us is by email.

Both Marie and Tom will receive all email sent to You can usually expect a reply from one of us within a day or two. We review our email daily, even on weekends, when we reply to those that require our immediate attention. In the event you do not hear back from us within two days, this may be due to filters used by internet service providers. In such cases, if you write to us that you have not heard from us, we will forward our reply through an alternative address (our associate in Olympia, WA).

To send copies of documents for our review, it is quickest to scan the documents and attach them to an email. To assure delivery, the maximum file size for any one email should not exceed 1M. If you are not well versed in scanning and compressing files, it is also possible to send us copies the good old fashioned way. Please use our Prague address to mail copies directly to us.

Also, please send only materials that directly concern your request. For example, copies of documents, with your name and address attached to each copy, and the particular service being requested (i.e., translation, research, etc.). Other materials, such as photos, are not necessary unless they contain data which may assist us. In all cases it is important to include details about the sources of the materials you are sending.

For those who wish to speak with us directly, you may do so through a domestic US phone number (Washington State) +1 360-450-5959. Please note, there is an 8-9 hour difference between Prague and the West Coast (US). Thus, if it is 8am in Seattle, it will be 5pm here. Also, please note that this number reaches us via our computer, and is therefore limited to the times when we are "on line" (typically 8am - 5pm Prague time)