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Rick Steves - Europe Through The Back Door
Rick Steves is the man when it comes to planning a trip to just about anywhere in Europe. Much of what we do at PATHWAYS is based on my earlier experiences "off the beaten path" using his guide books in the 1980's. His team provides a vast amount of pointers to help you get around over here.
Radio Rozhlas - Radio Prague
English News from the Czech Republic. Complete, balanced and reliable. Check out the links, there is more than the news here. For example, the RSS news feeds, are easy and entertaining. Just a click away every day, language, history, culture, etc...
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI)
Great resource for beginners, or those already well on their way along the family history path. Of particular interest to those of Czech, Slovak and Ruthenian descent. Members receive a quarterly newsletter (Nase Rodina) full of interesting articles and useful tips.
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
Site dedicated to the Czech & Slovak immigrants to America. More than a repository of literature, reference materials and cultural artifacts, this is the heart of the Czech & Slovak American people. Especially worth noting is the Oral Histories project. For a fascinating insight into the lives of a wide variety of immigrants, these stories will surely strike a chord.