History of The Czech Lands

by Jaroslav Pánek & Oldřich Tůma - 2019-03-30

A rather exhaustive account of Czech History. This would probably be required reading for any foreigner student attempting to master Czech history. People with family roots in this part of Europe may also find this detail invaluable for better understanding of the circumstances that formed their ancestors.  

The format is straight forward, marking the events that had arguably the greatest impact on development of Czech national identity. Many chapters are so dedicated to the influence of external players, social and political factors. 

To a great extent, the authors have done a remarkably thorough job collecting details, and putting them into a well organized format that can be easily referenced though an extensive bibliography. This is not casual reading, or Tuchmanesque romantic history. This is a book full of facts that could otherwise be tedious at best, if not for the clear, direct and unambiguous presentation.