Ancestral Tours

Local Contacts - $45

Provided with enough detailed information about a family (names, known places of residence, and an approximate date of birth, marriage, death or emigration), we can look for living relatives, or collateral family, by contacting local offices and historians. The success of the Local Contacts relies to a great extent on the quality and quantity of the data provided.

In the absence of sufficient data, it may be necessary to first conduct Basic Genealogical Research. This should insure, at the very least, a visit to the correct place of origin. Since each request typically warrants several calls and letters so that we can be certain of the result, this fee is therefore limited to one family group, town or village. In all cases, we will assess whatever data is provided and submit a proposal on how we might help to facilitate your wishes. Our proposal for services, along with an estimate of the cost for each service, is free of charge.

Local Contacts are recommended to precede any family reunions, or visit to a family's place of origin. These contacts cannot be understated in what they can possibly add to such visits. Local Contacts cannot be used as a substitute for research, however, since local authorities are typically unable to assist without some initial details. We suggest that Local Contacts be made only after the place of origin (e.g., house number, family names, dates of birth, marriage or emigration, etc.) can be verified. Local Contacts are included (free of charge) when Research is combined with Basic or Complex Research and a Day Trip.

We are happy to assist clients to follow up a Reunion with correspondence to family members or local authorities. We are especially pleased to send Cards, Gift Baskets, & Flowers. on holidays and for special occasions. These "Additional Services" are treated separately, and rates depend on the amount of translation and the nature of the gift. Typically, we can find someone within the family or community to help maintain correspondence. In this day and age, there is always someone with an e-mail address or facebook page.

Family Reunions & Visiting Ancestral Towns/Villages - $350/Day

For the purpose of visiting villages and meeting relatives we provide a comfortable vehicle, with an English speaking driver and interpreter. The price for these services is based on the number of participants (up to 3 persons in a sedan, or 4 to 7 persons in a van), the round trip distance, and the number of hours. The above rate is the rate for a 6 hour day for up to 3 passengers and 320Km round trip. From this baseline, the rates vary for larger group sizes, greater distances, and longer days. We do offer a substantial discount for Extended Travel (travel for 3 or more days in a row). The following rubric contains the different options and corresponding rates.

  • Group of up to 3 persons - (up to 6 hours and 320Km round trip) $350/Day
  • Group of 4 to 7 persons - (up to 6 hours and 320Km round trip) $425/Day
  • Group of up to 3 persons - (up to 10 hours and 450Km round trip) $450/Day
  • Group of 4 to 7 persons - (up to 10 hours and 450Km round trip) $525/Day
  • Interpreter to accompany families who wish to drive themselves $40/hour
  • Additional mileage - for 3 passenger car - 10Km = $6
  • Additional mileage - for 7 passenger van - 10Km = $8
  • Additional hours - $35/each

We offer follow up translating of any correspondence resulting from a reunion as an Additional Service. The fee for this varies according to the extent of the correspondence. Otherwise, we typically try to establish if someone within the family or community can help to translate any ongoing correspondence.

Extended Travel - $375/Day

For up to 3 persons, 8 hours & 360Km/day (lodging & meals not included)
This rate is intended to encourage visitors to travel further with us. Spend 3 days exploring the Czech, Hungarian, German, Polish, or Slovak countryside with us, and save on overall costs. Enjoy greater flexibility concerning daily travel time and distances, and see more of the countryside with the possibility of local guides in most places. In the event that travel will require a driver or guide for more than 1 day, lodging and meals for the driver or guide will be paid additionally, along with the client's own meals and lodging. $475/Day For 4 to 7 persons, 8 hours & 360Km/day (lodging & meals not included).

This will allow you to spend more time exploring some of the remarkable places on your way to/or from Prague (i.e., Česky Krumlov, Mikulov, Kroměríž, Šumperk, Olomouc, Telc, Melk, Passau, Bamburg, Dresden, Erfurt, Regensburg, Bratislava, etc.).

Along with Extended Travel, we add our Local Contact service free of charge, and help find and book suitable lodging, tours, and events based on your interests. There are some really great hotels and pensions throughout the region, even in the most remote small towns. More than twenty years of Family History Travel has led us to discover these treasures in the countryside. This is the added value we offer to anyone who hires us for 3 or more days of sightseeing between destination cities.

Tell us what you are looking for, and we will provide you with options to choose from.  Since we do not rely on provisions from small hotels and pensions, you can be assured that our suggestions will be based on the best lodging available in a particular area, and not only those that pay a fee.

Self Guided Travel Consulting - $45/hour

Travel independently, by train, bus, or in your own rental car, choose your own lodging from a list of suggestions, and use local guides (wherever available). We will advise you concerning any or all parts of your itinerary. Be as flexible as you like with your travel plans, and we will be as invisable ( but available ) as you wish. Such planning should be done well in advance, to insure availability of local guides and lodging.

Additional Services

The following options listed here are intended to help families to keep in touch, once they have been reunited with distant relatives, and if there is any desire to maintain these relations:

Translation of letters and/or other text materials exchanged between families (Czech to English/English to Czech). The cost of translation services (between $25 to $65/page) is based on the amount of text and the technical difficulty of the topic.

Cards, Gifts, & Flowers - To keep in touch during the holidays, or to mark other occasions (births, marriages, deaths, etc.), we offer to obtain and insure delivery of greeting cards, gift baskets, or flowers to your friends and loved ones in the Czech Republic & Slovakia. $45 - $125 (according to package size, content and weight).

Photography/Videotaping of your family reunion. This offer is for those who wish to have a particular event professionally recorded. We are now equipped to film your special event, so that you can relax and enjoy your time together - $45/hour (plus travel expenses from Prague @ $8/10Km)