The Library is where we post a list of books and films, along with short description for each.

We are frequently asked to make suggestions by visitors wishing to prepare for a visit, or those wanting to follow up on local histories or specific topics. While most of the sources we post have English text, there are those that will require some translation or identification of photos.

These sources are intended as recommended resources. Not all the books, films or brochures listed here are for sale. We inclide a full citation, along with ISBN number, to aid you to find these sources from alternate sources. Some are limited editions, or out of print. In this case we can offer to provide a translation and/or transcript of specific chapter or topic of interest.

Most of these have been collected over several years, to help us prepare for specific assignments, conduct family history research, or to familiarize ourselves with the history of a particular location or topic. We are happy to share these sources with anyone interested in our services.

Believe in People
by Šárka Tobrmanová-Kühnová
- 2024-01-15

Short description: The Essential Karel Čapek
Type: Paperback

Po Stopaách Sklářského Řemesla v Novém Boru
by Vladislav Jindra, Eva Ranšová, Rudolf Hais & Petr Vokurka
- 2020-05-07

Short description: Czech & German lang., 2015, 96 pages, hard bound, color and B&W photos, historical details about several firms making glass from the 18th century and later. Beautiful pictures of different glass products, including perfume aerosol bottles.
Type: Hard Bound

The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart
by John Amos Comenius
- 2019-06-16

Short description: An English translation of the classic Czech story written in 1623, for Baron Charles the Elder of Žerotín. This is a timeless and beautifully written tale of a pilgrim who wanders the the world to observe all human affairs, only to find that at best they are futile.
Type: Hard Bound

Rustic Baroque
by Jiří Hájíček
- 2019-04-29

Short description: Winner of Magnesia Litera - A fictional tale based on the misadventure of a family history researcher, including a nice description of several sources available for such work, and a captivating look at village life and relationships.
Type: Paperback

On The Edge of The Cold War
by Igor Lukes
- 2019-04-29

Short description: American Diplomats and Spies in Postwar Prague - An academic non fiction that is a must read for students of European History, especially 20th century, and in particular in the immediate aftermath of the second world war.
Type: Paperback

Prague - A Traveler's Literary Companion
by Many - Edited by Paul Wilson
- 2019-04-21

Type: Paperback

The Wines of Hungary
by Alex Liddell
- 2019-03-31

Short description: A wonderful Guide to some of the most iconic of all wine regions. We bought the book to prepare for a trip to Tokaj, and we got more than our money's worth...
Type: Paperback

From the Silver Czech Tolar to a Worldwide Dollar
by Petr Vorel
- 2019-02-25

Short description: The Birth of the Dollar and its Journey of Monetary Circulation... from the 16th to the 20th Century 191 pages, with an 80 page appendix including black and white and color illustrations.
Type: Hard Bound

Prague Winter - A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937 - 1948
by Madeline Albright
- 2019-02-09

Short description: From the author's personal experience, as well as from her father's archives. A sober memoir of Czechoslovak history and politics, before, during and immediately after WWII.
Type: Hard Bound

The Baťa Phenomenon - Zlín Arcitecture 1910-1960
by Ladislava Horňáková & Radomíra Sedláková
- 2019-01-30

Short description: Large format (A4), 274 glossy pages with B&W and Color illustrations, English
Type: Hard Bound

Alois Kareš
by Martin Kareš & Jiří Hostinský
- 2024-01-17

Short description: Vystěhovalecký Agent, Vlastenec a Mecenáš Emigrant Agent, Patriot and Benefactor
Type: Hard Bound

by Timothy Garton Ash
- 2024-01-13

Short description: A gripping personal history told by an Oxford Professor of European Studies who is witness to much of Europes' most remarkable achievements, and challenges.
Type: Paperback

Ticket to the New World
by Eva Heyd
- 2024-01-12

Type: Paperback

České Katolické Osady v Americe
by Josef Hessoun
- 2021-10-30

Short description: History of Czech Catholic settlements in America, compiled from 1865 to 1890.
Type: Hard Bound

The Last Palace
by Norman L. Eisen
- 2021-10-30

Short description: The history of an extraordinary house in Prague, it's original owner and builder, and subsequent generations of those who have lived there, including American Ambassadors. 20
Type: Hard Bound

Ludmila Kněžna a Světice
by Jakub Izdný and others
- 2021-10-30

Short description: On the occasion of 1,100 year anniversary of Ludmila's death, this collection of academic papers was published along with a wealth of illustrations, iconography, and maps to help better understand her life and times.
Type: Hard Bound

by Alena Mornštajnová
- 2021-08-13

Short description: Fictional account of a young woman who comes of age, after her family tragically dies, living with her Aunt Hana, who is herself a survivor of the Holocaust.
Type: Paperback

History of The Czech Lands
by Jaroslav Pánek & Oldřich Tůma
- 2019-03-30

Short description: A rather exhaustive account of Czech History. This should be required reading for any foreigner student attempting to master Czech history.
Type: Paperback

God's Playground - A History of Poland Vol. II - 1795 to Present
by Norman Davis
- 2019-02-11

Short description: From revolution to democracy, the author reports in great detail the events that shaped modern Poland.
Type: Paperback

Leaving Home - Migration Yesterday & Today
by Diethelm Knauf, Barry Moreno (eds.)
- 2019-02-09

Short description: Published by German Emigration Center (Deutches Auswanderer Haus). Describing the history of emigration from German Ports.
Type: Hard Bound

Havel - A Life
by Michael Žantovsky
- 2019-01-30

Short description: The complete life story, from birth to death, and a fascinating telling of the day by day, the tumultuous, the human, and the often uncertain times in the life of this all too human man.
Type: Hard Bound

Prague's Stolpersteine
by Trevor Sage
- 2024-01-17

Short description: Stumbling Stones Defiant in Their Memory
Type: Paperback

A Time of Gifts
by Patrick Leigh Fermor
- 2021-01-30

Short description: The tales of a young man's pilgrimage from Rotterdam to Istanbul during the years 1933-1934.
Type: Paperback